ADEM Labor Endorsed Candidates and Voting Instructions


The California Democratic Party is comprised of 3,000 delegates (called ADEMS) who meet once a year to set the party platform, endorse state candidates, and to share ideas and energy. Please vote to support leaders with diverse perspectives who are rooted in democratic values.   


Any registered Democrat can request a ballot BEFORE January 11th, 2021. 


Mail-in Ballot Only! No in person voting. 


  1. Register to vote for this election at  
  1. Save the "ballot identification" number in your email from "ADEM elections". 
  1. Return the paper ballot you receive in the mail with a postage paid return envelope. 



AD 17

Robert Sandoval - Local 350


AD 24

Forest Peterson - Local 270


AD 25

Renata Sanchez - SJTA

Alma Cruz - UHW

Alex Caraballo - IBEW 332

Karina Dominguez - AFSCME 101

Victoria Chon - FUDTA

Jeff Dixon - UA 483


AD 27

Enrique Arguello - Local 270

Luis Arguello - Local 270

Jean Cohen - UA Local 393

Will Smith - IBEW 332

Lalbabu “Babu” Prasad - UHW

Domingo Candelas - AFSCME


AD 28

Olivia Navarro - Local 270

Heather Wright - UHW

Ray Buyco - CFA


AD 29

Darin Compton-BAC

Katie Bassler-CFT

Justin Cummings-UPTE

Jovita Dominguez-CNA

Stacey Falls-CFT

Arlene Haffa-CFA

Sean Hebard- Carpenters

Stephanie McGuiness-CTA

Steve Espinosa- BAC

Ethan Sanchez - SJTA


AD 30

Steve MacDougal

Maricela Cerda-CFT

Sandra Martinez-CNA

Patty Padilla- CSEA

Juan Cabrera-Teamsters

Dolores Morales-CEMA

Rebecca Armendariz - WPUSA

John Hughes-IUPAT