To the Guild,

The community of San Jose and Santa Clara prides itself on being a community that welcomes a diversity of thought and opinion. San Jose has always been on the cutting edge of technology and public policy. We were one of the first cities to welcome the sale of legal cannabis, first under the guidelines of Prop. 215 with regard to medical and then after Proposition 64 with legal adult use. We are also a city that welcomes the participation of labor unions and workers rights. We are disappointed to hear that “The Guild” and its’ management has continually refused to acknowledge the choice of its workers when they decided to organize with UFCW 5.

We the undersigned strongly urge “The Guild” management to abide by the order of the National Labor Relations Board and come to the table and negotiate a fair contract. Now more than ever UFCW Local 5 members working at “The Guild” need to have a voice in the workplace, access to health care and benefits, and fair pay for fair work. Cannabis workers’ voices should be heard and protected and companies such as yours need to stop delaying the inevitable and respect the choice of your workers.

Our hope has always been the cannabis industry could behave differently when it comes to workers’ rights and their decision to join unions. Unions make business better and they make our communities stronger. By refusing to negotiate and bargain, despite multiple orders to recognize the workers rights, The Guild is displaying a disregard for the law and choice of their workers. This is not how San Jose does business.

We urge you to begin bargaining with UFCW Local 5 immediately and stop the delay. Live up to the San Jose standard.


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