Workers' Bill of Rights

Hi folks,

As you know, the COVID-19 crisis has devastated workers in every industry across the nation. The labor movement has made it clear that we need a new deal that makes a real difference in improving workers’ lives during this pandemic and beyond. As the crisis grows, California’s unions are demanding workers are protected.

To center workers in the response to COVID-19 and the long road to economic recovery ahead, we’ve created a list of demands called the Workers’ Bill of Rights so that working people won’t be left behind without an income, without a home and without basic protections. We need to make it clear that federal and state lawmakers can’t abandon ANY workers in this time of overwhelming need.

We’re asking that you take action and demand we implement a Workers’ Bill of Rights during the COVID-19 crisis today: Sign the petition here

To amplify the Workers’ Bill of Rights, we’re asking that you share the petition with your members and allies and post on your social media platforms. We’ve developed a social media toolkit with sample tweets and Facebook posts that we’re hoping you can use to get the word out. Access the toolkit here.

We’ll be using the hashtag #WorkersFirst. Please tweet the petition as often as you can on Wednesday and keep the drum up online the following days as well to ensure our demands are heard. If you have any questions on the bill of rights and messaging, please contact Steve Smith, [email protected]. And for questions on social media, contact me, Alex Catsoulis [email protected]

Again, here’s our petition and our toolkit. Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide to amplify the Workers’ Bill of Rights!

In solidarity,

Alex Catsoulis