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Groundbreaking Opportunity to Work Initiative Filed

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January 25, 2016                                                                                      408.606.2060

 Silicon Valley Rising Committee files measure to provide part-time employees access to more work hours

SAN JOSE, CA – Today, key Silicon Valley Rising members, along with community, religious and labor leaders submitted a groundbreaking measure, the Opportunity to Work Initiative. This initiative will require employers to offer qualified part- time employees the opportunity to work additional hours before hiring new part-time or temporary employees.

The Opportunity to Work Initiative is the first measure of its kind in the country.  Although San Francisco and SeaTac have adopted similar ordinances, no previous initiative has aimed to provide part-time employees across industries access to more work hours.

“Despite the fact that I work three part-time jobs, I struggle to make ends meet. Every week the number of hours I get changes, so I am never sure what my paycheck will be,” said Sara Delete, a fast food employee. “Not having access to more work hours means that I am constantly worried about being able to provide for my son, cover my rent and pay the bills.”

“Every day I see how my parishioners struggle to make ends meet because they do not have access to sufficient work hours. This initiative would help these workers support their families by getting enough hours so that their paychecks cover their bills and they can put food on the table,” stated Fr. Jon Pedigo.

“A number of employers avoid providing healthcare and other benefits by hiring new part-time workers instead of giving more hours to current part-time employees. It’s unfair,” said Ben Field, Executive Officer of the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council. The Opportunity to Work Initiative will ensure that employers offer additional work hours to current, qualified workers before hiring extra people.

“This measure will not only help low-wage workers keep up with the ever-rising cost of living in Silicon Valley, but will also help bring equity to the workplace for female hourly workers who receive fewer hours than men,” said Angelica Ramos, President of the National Women’s Political Caucus Silicon Valley.

“We are seeing so many parents working hard, willing to do whatever they can to support their families, but most part-time workers are unable to cover their most basic needs, such as food and rent, said Poncho Guevara, Executive Director of Sacred Heart Community Service. “When part-time workers are denied hours, they are pushed further into poverty, making it impossible for them to support their families without the safety net we provide. They want to work. The Opportunity to Work Initiative would help many of the families that we serve by giving them the chance to work more hours and hopefully achieve economic stability.”

“Far too many working families are struggling to get enough work hours to pay bills and put food on the table in Silicon Valley. The Opportunity to Work Initiative is about working people in this community having the opportunity to thrive and achieve a measure of stability and economic security,” said Derecka Mehrens, Executive Director of Working Partnerships USA.

“The majority of individuals working part-time jobs are people of color. As such, they are disproportionately impacted by the lack of hours, low wages and non-existent benefits, said Chava Bustamante, Executive Director of Latinos United for a New America. Every day that workers are denied hours and benefits, the well-being of their families is at risk. The Opportunity to Work Initiative is an important step in raising up our hard-working minority families and providing access to work they desperately need to survive. 



Memorial for Don Edwards

Please join us for a memorial celebrating the life of Don Edwards. With more than thirty years of public service, Don was a champion for civil and constitutional rights. The memorial will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 1 PM at the IBEW Hall, located at 2125 Canoas Garden Avenue in San Jose, CA.  Please RSVP to info@southbaylabor.org



Happy Holidays!

As 2015 comes to a close, the South Bay Labor Council would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Holiday Season.  We look forward to continuing to fight for working families in 2016!  Happy Holidays!


AFL-CIO Sets On-Demand Economy Principles

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December 10, 2015                                                                                       408-506-5875

SAN JOSE- Earlier this week, the AFL-CIO presented a Statement of Principles on the On-Demand economy.  The principals highlighted a range of issues such as using technology to empower, not weaken workers, securing a set of ground rules for corporate responsibility, ensuring workers’ job protections and increasing access to quality, good paying jobs.

“The On-Demand economy is making access to benefits, fair pay, and quality labor standards increasingly difficult for workers,” said Ben Field, Executive Officer of the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council. “The AFL-CIO’s On-Demand economy principles echo the work of Silicon Valley Rising and show how tech companies can be an integral part of building an economy that supports the rights of working families in the Bay Area.”

Silicon Valley Rising and its coalition of community, faith and labor leaders have been actively engaged in creating a tech company that workers for everyone, with a focus on affordable housing, good-paying jobs and corporate responsibility.

“The on-demand economy business model is like old wine in a new bottle. Though it’s packaged to be ‘innovative’ and ‘the future of work’ it’s really another way for employers to shirk responsibility for the working people whose labor contributes to their profits,” said Derecka Mehrens, Executive Director of Working Partnerships USA. “The set of principles announced by the AFL-CIO parallels the work being done by Silicon Valley Rising to support the contract workers in the tech industry organizing for a voice on the job and a better life.”

“As someone who worked for Google Express for nearly two years, I saw how the tech companies avoided any responsibility for our health, safety, and quality of life,” said Gabriel Cardenas, a leader in Silicon Valley Rising. “The ALF-CIO’s principles are common sense ideas that would help ensure workers and their families share in the wealth being generated from their hard work.”