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June 5th Action in Cupertino 


Santa Clara County is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. We've spoken to thousands of community members over the years and the first issue that constantly comes up in these conversations is the cost of rent.

When families have to choose between paying the rent or putting food on the table, we know it’s time to take bold action.

That’s why Working Partnerships USA and other statewide partners are talking to working families across San Jose to hear their most pressing housing issues and organize to change our current conditions.

We are hosting virtual phone banks on 5/31, 6/1, 6/5, and 6/6 from 4:30pm-7pm. Can we count on you to join?


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May 20th Bowling for Change 




March 4th Union Soccer Night

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UC Berkeley Lectures on the Morals of Trade

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Vote for Labor ADEMS!

To build power and strategic relationships that advance a labor and pro-worker agenda, many union members are also involved in the California Democratic Party. The California Democratic Party is comprised of 3,000 delegates (called ADEMS) who meet once a year to set the party platform, endorse state candidates, and share ideas that help working families. These people shape the policy and electoral work of the statewide party and it’s critical that the voice of labor is represented.

How can you help? Register and vote! Encourage others to do the same.

Who can vote? Any registered Democrat 18 years and over can vote for candidates running in their Assembly Districts (click HERE to identify your Assembly District).

Voting Instructions to Support Labor Candidates

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Vote to ensure that the labor movement and working families have a voice at the table!


Any registered Democrat can vote by mail or in person by following the directions below.

Mail In Ballot Option

To vote via mail in ballot, you must request a ballot BY December 31st, 2022. CLICK HERE to request a ballot.

Vote in Person Option

To vote in person in January (DATES TBD), register HERE ASAP.


Local ADEMS Labor Candidates

(Click HERE for a comprehensive list of candidates)

AD 23

Forest Peterson – SEIU 521

AD 24

Rene Camacho - Laborers 270

Alex Caraballo - IBEW 332

Sam Munoz - Carpenters 405

Alma Cruz – SEIU UHW

Victoria Birbeck Herrera - FUDTA

AD 25

Enrique Arguello - Laborers 270

Luis Arguello - Laborers 270

Lalbabu "Babu" Prasad – SEIU UHW

Will Smith - IBEW 332

Laurie Drocic - Carpenters 405

AD 26

Jeffrey Buchanan - Machinists Lodge 93

Neil Park-McClintick - Machinists Lodge 93

AD 28

Sean Hebard – Northern California Carpenters

Christopher Paup - IBEW 332

Olivia Navarro - Laborers 270

Heather Wright – SEIU UHW

Vaughn Flaming - SEIU 521

AD 29

Juan Cabrera - Teamsters 890

John Hughes - IUPAT DC 16

Ronald Robinson - IBEW 332

Maria Noel Fernandez – Machinists Lodge 93

Patty Padilla Salsberg - CSEA

Rebeca Armendariz - Machinists Lodge 93






(SAN JOSE, Calif.) – Clerical workers at California Waste Solutions (CWS) in San Jose are on an unfair labor practice (ULP) strike this morning to protest the company’s violations of federal labor law. Nearly 150 drivers, mechanics, and landfill workers at two CWS facilities are honoring the picket line, causing major disruptions to recycling services throughout San Jose and surrounding communities.

The 10-person clerical unit, represented by Teamsters Local 350, has been fighting for a contract for more than a year and a half. Local 350 filed ULP charges against CWS for refusing to negotiate in good faith and failing to have actual decision makers at the bargaining table.

“We’re fighting for our future, for our security, and for the equality and respect we deserve for serving our community. We are asking that the company respect us and negotiate for real at the bargaining table,” said Magaly Castillo, a two-year clerical worker at CWS.  

Due to the prolonged negotiation process and pattern of bad faith bargaining by the employer, Castillo and her co-workers took a strike authorization vote in July On Dec. 20, they unanimously voted down the company’s contract proposal that would destroy their job security and allow the company to subcontract their work.

“We are the voice of this company. We love our San Jose residents and are grateful to serve this community,” said Mayra Perez, a five-year clerical worker at CWS. “We are asking for this company to show us that they value our hard work and dedication to our community. Right now they are showing us the opposite by trying to take away our worker protections.”

The Teamster waste workers joined with community and political allies on the picket line in solidarity and called on the company to bargain a fair contract in good faith.  

“I am proud to stand in solidarity with the waste management professionals of California Waste Solutions in their call for a safe working environment that protects both workers and the communities they serve through essential collection and recycling services,” said Sen. Dave Cortese, Chair of the California Senate Committee on Labor, Public Employment, and Retirement. “Fair and safe working conditions are essential to ensuring these workers can continue to conduct their important business to improve our environmental footprint, conserve resources, and protect public health.”

In addition to the support from the public and their fellow Local 350 members, clerical workers have also received the support of workers represented by other unions in the area, including machinists who also work at CWS and are represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.  

“The South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council authorized a strike sanction in solidarity with California Waste Solutions workers who are demanding safety on the job and a secure future for their families,” said Jean Cohen, Executive Officer of the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council. “We encourage management to immediately resume negotiations to ensure employees have healthy working conditions and reliable employment.”

The strike has shut down all curbside residential recycle pick-up in San Jose and halted operations at the company’s material recovery facility.

“In 2019, Local 350 members publicly supported CWS’ bid with the city, and we expect that the respect and support would go both ways,” said John Bouchard, Secretary Treasurer of Local 350. “These workers continued showing up to work during the pandemic to keep the company operating and even made it more profitable. They are striking today to show that they won’t stand for these labor law violations or for being disrespected in this way. We won’t back down until our members protected under a strong Teamster contract that addresses workplace concerns, protects jobs, and holds management accountable.”  

Bouchard said the all-women clerical group is one of three bargaining units represented by Local 350 at CWS, noting how differently management treats them.

Chartered on October 8, 1936, Teamsters Local 350 represents members throughout the Bay Area in the Solid Waste & Recycling Division, the Industrial Trades Division, and Public Sector Division.




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South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council Statement 

The South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council condemns in the strongest terms the deeply disturbing, racist, and harmful remarks and actions by Los Angeles City Council members Nury Martinez, Kevin de Leon and Gil Cedillo, and Los Angeles Labor Federation President Ron Herrera.

There is no place for racism, classism, or discrimination of any kind in California politics and especially in the fight for workers' rights and protections. We echo the call from Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the California Labor Federation, that the council members must resign, so we can have the accountability and healing that is necessary to move forward. 




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