Our Political Priorities

Jobs with a Future

The new economic realities of our world-leading region require better-trained and more skilled workers than ever before. We believe business, unions, educators and neighborhood groups can work together to create new and better training opportunities. It’s also up to employers to honor the skills and productivity of the workforce by offering the quality wages and benefits area employees deserve.

Keeping Government Accountable

In America, we’re not our government’s customers, we’re its owners. It is time to require elected officials to clearly demonstrate the economic and social benefit to the community of costly projects they propose. We need to challenge the city to ensure a fair return to the community from the subsidy investment of our tax dollars in private development.

Healthier Families

In Santa Clara County we made history by becoming the first county in America to offer affordable healthcare for every child. Now it’s time to explore the next step: seeing that every adult, regardless of income, is able to gain access to the healthcare they need.

Affordable Housing

Too many workers — even lifelong residents — are unable to afford the cost of renting an apartment, let alone a home mortgage. We’re convinced that by joining forces, government and business can create the affordable new housing we need while protecting the housing we already have.

Caring About Kids

By investing in quality public schools, we ensure that we are giving our children the running start they’ll need to succeed. But we can’t stop there. We also need to offer educational child care for preschoolers. That means providing the training and compensation it takes to attract and retain childcare professionals.