Urgent Santa Clara County and San José City Redistricting Meetings

Tues 11/16: Critical Santa Clara County Redistricting Commission Meeting with the Board of Supervisors 

On Tuesday, November 16th at 2pm, the Board of Supervisors will hold an important redistricting conversation over Zoom to deliberate which county district map they will implement. This meeting is critical. If there aren't sufficient public comments in support of the Unity Map, the Board of Supervisors may remove the Unity map from its consideration. 

We ask that you prioritize this meeting, leave a public comment, and submit a written email to the Board of Supervisors. The Unity Map is the only map being considered that will uplift the voices of working families in Santa Clara County. We need your help to make sure it gets implemented. Please email [email protected] for public comment talking points, our email template, and more information on the Unity Map.  

Action Items: 

  1. Tomorrow Tuesday 11/16 at 2pm  Leave a public comment at the 11/16 Board of Supervisors Meeting in support of the Unity Map (Item 13). Click here to join.
  2. Use our template to email the BOS in support of the Unity Map.


Wed 11/17: Final San José Citizens Redistricting Commission Meeting

On Wednesday, November 17th at 6pm, the San José Citizen Redistricting Commission will meet over Zoom for the final time to decide which district maps they will advance to the City Council. The commission’s decision on Wednesday depends significantly on public comment, so we urge you to join the meeting and speak in support of the Unity Map. Your participation will help ensure that San José draws equitable district lines that work for all, not just the privileged few. For talking points and more information on the Unity Map, email [email protected]

What: Leave a public comment at the final San José Citizen Redistricting Commission Meeting

When: Wednesday, November 17th at 6pm

Where: Over Zoom. Click here to join.